Sunday, February 19, 2012

Small Changes

I am QUITE proud of the small amounts of progress I made this weekend.  Our I should say we made this weekend.  Most of Saturday was spent trying to get the husband's garage in a somewhat usable order.   The power tools are in place, the tool box has a home and the totes are all labeled and up on the shelves.  It's quite a nice change.

I also took advantage of the President's Day sales going on and got some items needed for my projects.

This is what our lovely guest room looked when the previous owner's lived in our house.  I really don't want to know what those doll heads were doing in that bedroom, especially since no females lived in the house...

Then I found a great deal on some clearance bedding and the room looked a bit different than when the previous owner lived there. I really tried to like it.  I did.  The price made me want to like it.  Unfortunately, I just didn't like it.  At all.  Luckily, since I only made the bed with the items, I didn't feel too bad returning them to BB&B. 

Now the room looks not nearly as put together, but clean.  The bedding is all white and has a bit of a striped texture to it (not shiny stripes...actual textured stripes).  Then the dark navy will be curtains and the yellow be the upholstered headboard.  We are going to use the same light gray paint as the rest of the house is.  We have more house guests starting on March 16th so we are hoping to get the room in lovely condition by then. I found a great nightstand I thought would look cute.

Unfortunately I'm not having an easy time tracking one down as it is a discontinued item that is on a ridiculously good sale.  Story of my life.

We also started hanging our curtains! I really think that the room is looking much more finished than it did.  I scored the rods and curtains at Ikea for under $25 for both pieces.  This is what our windows look like without panels...  (side thought -- I forgot to take a picture of the actual windows that I hung the curtains on before I hung them up.


And yes, that sexy ladder is STILL hanging out in our family room.  Bring it up with my husband.  I've tried.  You see how far I've made it.  The curtains could use an ironing, but other than that I am quite happy they are up.

I also hung a rod for in the dining room.  With the third set of white, cheap Ikea curtains I purchased, I am going to make some of these:
I found some black, flexible paint so hopefully my curtains turn out half as nice as the inspiration.

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