Sunday, February 26, 2012


First off, the most exciting news of the weekend - the ladder has left the family room!

Second exciting news, I found the most AMAZING hutch and table.  The lady that I bought the mirror from on Friday had an ENTIRE shop full of furniture half way refurbished and refurbished. 

She took it from a brown looking turd (her words) to this lovely white piece! We bought it from her mid-paint so we have to do some touch up and sanding, but we were stoked.  The hutch also has glass doors on the right and left upper cabinets.  You can see them in the below picture leaning against our new dining table!

I am in LOVE with this table.  It has a leaf too so it will end up seating a giant group.  It's in decent shape, minus the painted rectangle on the top.  We are going to sand it down and stain it darker.

And just for the record, I did not need a dining room table.  I have one that I bought at Ikea that I liked just fine.  It wasn't anything special...just some particle board.  But it served it's purpose.  Unfortunately, Scott used the opportunity to snag a new dining table.  And since the table was FREE, how could I say no to an extra table?  The genius behind his thinking? He now has given himself permission to steal the glass top off my kitchen nook table that I LOVE.  Scott seems to think that I can move the Ikea table in the there and be just fine.  He has a drag race tire and wants the glass top to turn the tire into a table top in his basement.  I will keep you updated on who wins this battle. 

We also painted the bedroom light gray and upholstered the headboard. 

Here is the headboard in all it's glory! The room isn't painted yet in the above picture.  The bed is in the middle of the room right now while the walls dry so it wasn't quite ready to be photographed.  The last step for the room is hanging the curtains (which I made) and refinishing the night stand that we bought at Goodwill.  Might I say, I am SO proud of the headboard.  Why pay $500ish that stores are charging when the most expensive part of this project was the $9 spray adhesive?

My goal of the week is to hang the curtains, refinish the nightstand, and get that hutch done and in the dining room! Then I can FINALLY unpack that room.

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