Monday, February 13, 2012

What a Freaking Weekend

All week Scott and I had plans to go snowboarding this weekend.  But after his first week at his new job, he was BEAT.  So somehow he ended up napping and watching DIY network all weekend while I painted.   And painted.  And then painted some more.  You can catch a peak of him sleeping over yonder in that picture.  I was trying to document that absolutely demolished state that our house was in. 

On a plus side, we can finally officially say we have made some painting progress.  The family room, dining room, eating area and stairwell are all complete.  OK, I'm slightly lying on the stairwell.  We have 30 foot ceilings in the family room, living room and stairwell and my version of "done" is when it's too high for me.  So with the extender pole I went up about 3/4 of the way but the rest is up to Scott.  So where the stairwell is concerned - I am DONE!  I've done the majority of the entry and living room, but finally gave up when there were too many boxes to get around. 

Yup.  This is what my house looks like right now.  In the background, you can almost see my COMPLETED dining room! That reminds me, I need to go pull the tape!  Scott will eventually be putting in wainscotting and crown molding in there.  We also still have to hang curtains and change the light fixture.  Oh, and maybe buy some furniture.  We have a lovely circle/oval table that we love but no chairs, china cabinet or anything like that.

Now, please forgive my lack of graphic design skills - but this is an option of where we are going to place "the clock."  I think the clock may be bigger than how it looks here.  The railing will be getting a makeover as well to be white which I think will contrast nicely with the dark wood and dark clock frame.  Since the carpet is going to be ripped out (SOON!) and replaced by dark hardwoods, we will have to see what we can do about lightening the dark up with a rug.  I am  also going to have to find a way to organize the junk that lands on this table.   Since it's the first place we see when we walk in (both the front door and the garage door) it gets our keys, purses, water bottles, etc. on it.

I can't wait until we have more afters.  Many, many more afters.

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