Sunday, March 11, 2012

March thus far...

We spent Saturday snowboarding at Keystone so weren't able to accomplish too much.  However, that night Scott surprised me by purchasing a paint sprayer for me to paint our furniture with.  We got the garage all prepped and put the second coat on the hutch as well as sand down 2 of the 3 night stands and start to paint them.

We also hung some of our wall pieces and started to make this house more like a home!

The mirror will hypothetically be here...we have to find where we put our more heavy hardware.

(Ignore the unfinished door paint.  I really need to do remember to do that...)

Mr. Scott also found some L.E.D. lighting at Costco and hung it behind the TV.  For something so easy, I surprisingly really like how it looks.  It was kind of hard to photograph but use your imagination! It looks much better in person.

And finally, a lovely picture of our table.  I lost the table battle.  The glass table top has been relocated to on top of the drag race tire in the future theater room.  I am going to try to find another top for the old table base and use it in the craft room.  Our eating area now has the old dining table in it with the chairs from the old eating area table (musical furniture!).  As much as I didn't want to break apart the old table and use our dining table in the eating area, I do like how the eating area looks.  The larger size table fits well in the space.  

Now, we just need to get a second coat of paint on the nightstands and the rug laid down, and the guest room will be DONE for our next guest arriving this Friday.  It should be an easy week! :-)

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