Friday, April 20, 2012

Let the Fun BEGIN!

Tomorrow, we are picking Scotty's dad up at the airport.  It will be great to see him.  But what is even GREATER is the fact that he has been employed to be our house remodel helper!  He will be with us for 2 weeks and we hope that a lot can be accomplished between him and Scott in that time (I might even help...a little...). 

The first and in my opinion BEST change is that we are finally ripping up the carpet.  The ugly carpet with the chewed dog holes and lord knows what else the previous owners have left us as far as diseases.  We haven't picked out the exact color, but know that is being finalized this weekend.  We have it narrowed down to an espresso bamboo and a slightly lighter than espresso colored bamboo.  There is a GIANT sale going on at Lumber Liquidators this weekend, so we could end up bringing something different home.

The other bonus of having the floors done is that the half bathroom gets remodeled by default.  We are going to be pulling the cabinet up to lay the floors down, so we figured it would be the perfect time to do the rest.  I have a pedestal sink picked out as well as a new toilet.  (There is nothing wrong with our toilets other than the fact that they EAT water at an ungodly rate.)  We will also continue on replacing the fixtures with the oil rubbed bronze and turn the towel bar (who the hell needs a towel bar in a half bath) for a towel ring.  My mom brought us a shiny chrome one that she pulled out of her house.  I think we are going to try to DIY it to oil rubbed bronze.

We read about some great spray paint that can be used on fixtures.  When we ordered new door levers for the downstairs, we realized we would need new hinges.  We were able to find a great deal on the levers (less than 1/4 what we would have paid at Home Depot) but hinges were almost $2/each! Scratch that idea. 
We did some researching and heard about people having great luck with this spray paint.  I figure it can't hurt to try it on the towel ring as well.  I may even use it on the light fixture...that $10 can could end up saving us $100's of dollars on the half bath remodel!

Now that I'm looking at this lovely picture from the previous owners...I'm realizing we will need a mirror too.  I had a great mirror that we used in our old bathroom that I found at Marshall's for less than $20.  I'll have to go start scouring this weekend to see if I can have similar luck!

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