Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sunny Weekend Projects

Another wonderful weekend has come and gone.  With weather in the mid 80's, the yard was screaming for some attention.  Unfortunately, I have about zero skills when it comes to yard work.  I know absolutely nothing about gardening, yards, anything.  And we didn't even own a shovel.

Saturday was spent with Samantha (our new roommate/Scott's cousin/friend of mine who just moved down here from Seattle and is transitioning at our house) at Home Depot.  Actually now that I think of it, Saturday and Sunday were both pretty much spent at Home Depot.

While we were there on Saturday, we picked up some basics like shovels and turf builder to get our lawn green and beautiful again.  Hopefully it helps.  Our yard is pretty horrific.  It appears that the lawn and garden areas were super nice at one point in time.  One point in time being the key to that statement.  I'd say the yard was neglected for nearly 2 seasons.

Scott started messing around with the underground sprinkler system to make sure it all worked.  Other than one area of pipe that needs to be replaced, the system works great and will be a time saver once it gets hotter out and we need to water more often.  Did I mention it's snowing today? Yup.  80's over the weekend, snow today.  We aren't watering the lawn--yet.

A few months ago, we had purchased a lawn mower when we found a great deal at an outlet.  Unfortunately, this great deal of a lawn mower turned out to be a lemon.  When Scott tried to start it, it started spitting oil all over our driveway.  Attractive.  He started opening it up and it looks like the mower was used.  So we paid for a new product and very possibly received a used and unworking one.  Bummer.  We quickly returned it to the outlet. 

Our Sunday consisted of a hunt for a lawn mower and patio furniture.  After traveling all over the city, we settled on products that were both at Home Depot.  Naturally we couldn't have picked them both up on 1 trip to the store.  No, instead we made about 12 trips there in the course of the day.  I did find some 50% off plants and pots.  I'm attempting to grow tomatoes, onions, lettuce and some herbs.  Chances are, all will die.  I have a death thumb, not a green thumb.  But at least I'm killing 50% off plants instead of full price plants!

Torro Personal Pace Recycle Mower
We also found a great deal on some solar outdoor lights.  I really hated how dark our walk way up to the front door was.  Now a regular person would turn on their porch light.  But I am not a regular person.  And I really don't like my porch lights.  So instead we found some great lights for under $3 each at Walmart.

Not the easiest thing to photograph, but you get the idea.  And the photos also appeared on their side...lovely.  We think we need about 8 more to finish the pathway and make it look even better.  We are also going to find something bright and colorful and alive to go on the right side of the walkway on that wall.  I'm not sure what as that space is really small, but I think it will add some life to the front of the house.

Scott dedicated the last part of our weekend to George.  When my mom and George were in town, George was nice enough to assist Scott in putting our BBQ together.  It's a duel fuel that has both charcoal and gas and it is absolutely wonderful.  But from the short summary I received on the project and amount of alcohol consumed, it didn't appear to be wonderful to put together.  This weekend Scott converted the BBQ to run off the natural gas that was piped from our house.  After being told by numerous people that is was not convertable and trying multiple different kits, my genius of a husband finally figured it out.  And at about 9:30 PM on Sunday night, we were enjoying hamburgers fresh from the BBQ.  Dinner hypothetically would have been around 6 so that gives you a small hint as to what Scott went through.  On the plus side, now George and Scott get to enjoy the BBQ together next time my mom and George grace us with their presence.

This is not my patio.  This is a patio of a much nicer home than mine.  My patio will probably never be this pretty.
Next step on the home remodel project - new hardwood floors.  Stay tuned!

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