Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bedroom Progress

Right now, I really feel like I have no free time.  I work at least 50 hours a week, go to school full time and attempt to exercise for an hour everyday.  That barely leaves me time to sleep, cook dinner and pack lunches for the next day.  I've decided to solve this problem I will quit my job. 

I ran that idea by my husband and it was a miserable failure.  Oh well, at least I tried.

So since time is so tight, I feel happy that we've accomplished a few small projects and have ideas for new ones.

The first update I have is a picture of our bed.  I realized I posted the stock photo but never of it in all it's glory.  We also ended up getting the dresser about a week later.

And yes, that obnoxious monstrosity is the TV in our bedroom.  I'm the type that wants no TV in the bedroom.  But my husband showed up with a 50" one day.  Welcome to my life.

Chewy loves the new bed! It also helps that we put about a 6" goose down topper on top of the tempurpedic.  He's moving so fast in his roll that his paws are blurry.  Cute little boy!

The next step on our bedroom shopping list is to get the nightstands.  We are waiting for another sale at the furniture shop or to find the pieces at the outlet (unlikely).  I am slowly designing what we want the bedroom to look like.  We really, really need to paint but we have not had any motivation to paint again lately.  There's our other guestroom (more on that later) that needs paint too.

Awhile back, I found a coverlet at Target online that I thought would go perfectly as an accent for the bottom of our bed.  I really like the layered bed look.  For the almost $100 that is was, it really wasn't worth purchasing just for an end of the bed decoration.  But while I was at Target over the weekend getting a new laundry basket, I found the king size on clearance for $18.  Score!  I really don't like the shams, but I figure for that price, I can just use the coverlet as an accent or use the shams in another room.

We are thinking of painting the bedroom gray (surprise, surprise) so the yellow should bring a nice pop of color.

We also purchased a decal to hang over the bed.  It's one of our favorite quotes.  We don't necessarily want to stick it as a decal so we are thinking of how to frame it or mount it to hang.  We purchased ours in black.

We are also eyeballing a rug for the room.  I hate carpet in general, but until we do the hardwood upstairs (a LONG way out), I figure a rug will help camoflauge my dislike for dirty, old, builder grade beige carpet.  It was 60% off for mother's day, but I didn't buy it.  I'm waiting until another great sale happens and I'll probably get it.  I can't understand why rugs and other random items are so expensive! 

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