Friday, June 29, 2012

Blogging WORKS!

At least as far as my motivation is concerned.  Last week, I posted that I may feel like painting the hallway upstairs.  Once it was posted for the world to see, it made me apparently go out and do it.  I hopped in my car on Sunday (Scott's weekend work day) and made my way over the Sherwin Williams.  I purchased my paint, and went to work.

Other than a minor alarm mishap that took quite a few hours from my painting, the hallway looks great.  I'm not allowed to cut in on the ceiling anymore (you should see my dining room!) so the hallway is just waiting on Scott's final touch.  What that means in layman terms is I will have a white strip at the top of my hallway for a VERY, VERY long time.

But, I must move on!  I have quite a few projects that I am starting to work on at the moment.  The first is my big dining room/living room redo.  I may want to turn redo into just do seeing as the rooms are 99% empty right now!

I created inspiration boards for how I am planning the two rooms:
For this room, I already have the chairs (need to be reuphoulstered) and the mirror.  I am looking for the other 3 pieces (sideboard, coffee table and chaise/setee).

For the dining room, I already have the hutch and table, however we are still mid refinishing on the table (the sanding was pretty brutal).  I haven't decided if I want to do the wainscotting on the walls or just the crown molding.  Originally, I was all about wainscotting and crown molding.  But because of all the white in the furniture, I may be leaning towards not having it.

Because the rooms are connected, the flow was really important to me.  I think the styles compliment without being overly matchy matchy.  I may stain the entire credenza/sideboard in the living area wood to prevent the overly matching decor. 

One thing I am on a mission for this weekend is fabric.  I am LOVING ikat fabric right now, but not the prices.  Ideally, I'd find a gray and white fabric.  I've scoured the internet attempting to find a suitable option for under $40/yard.  I am having no luck.  And with each chair needing approximately 7 yards, that is not in the budget.  I am going to venture to Joann's and Hobby Lobby to see what they have on sale.

The rest of the items I have already found where I will be purchasing in the future.  My goal is to have the house a little more put together for our August guests!

Hopefully I will have some great pictures to share next week on my weekend accomplishments!

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