Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Almost Think...

I am motivated to paint today.  Scotty and I did the majority of our gigantic downstairs by ourselves.  We still have the top inch of all the super tall ceilings left.  Every time we get on the ladder to paint, the ladder moves.  The trim has officially become a two person job.  That is fine and great, but on Scotty's days off, I'm usually not home and vice versa.  With Scott's new schedule he works 4-10's (which he loves) but is off Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Luckily, I have become accustomed to not looking up at that top little space.  Easy enough - avoid the issue by not looking at the problem.

Now, our upstairs is a completely different issues.  The only room we have painted is the guest bedroom.  I love the room and it is nice to have a "finished" space for our guests.  When I say finished, I am lying.  I just realized we will need to paint the dresser in there.  So...almost finished room.

We also have 2 other completely not done rooms as well as the guest bathroom and hallway.  The lack of painting wouldn't have bugged me so much if while I was painting the guest bedroom, I hadn't rolled little spots of the gray in the hallway to see if I liked that color there too.  I don't know what I was thinking.  Of course I like gray.  I have a small obsession with gray paint.

So now, every time I walk down that hall (I shower in that bathroom - so basically everyday) I cringe at the paint spots.

So today may FINALLY be the day to work on painting the hallway area!  I'm tentatively motivated.  I really do dislike painting.  And am REALLY sick of painting. 

Some of my other motivations stems from the fact that we start having guests again soon.  June and July were Scotty and I's "off" months.  We have guests scheduled for August (Mommy and George), September (Dad and Gina and POSSIBLY my best friend Megan and her boyfriend) and then November.  For November, I may possibly be getting the entire Wilcox clan (and hopefully some McHugh's or Dorcas') at my house for Thanksgiving! Because of the sheer number of humans in the house, I figure it's time to set up 1 other guest bedroom.

When we got our new bed, we moved our old bed into another guest room and figured we would just purchase a mattress when the time came.  Unfortunately, with the rate at which we are remodeling lately (a rate of ZERO!) I think I should get started sooner than later.

While I do feel almost motivated to paint, I can't quite decide on colors.  I think for the hallway I am going to use my old standard, Kilimin Beige from Sherwin Williams.  You can see small areas of the upstairs from downstairs and I HOPE the complimentary colors will look nice.

Now for the last guest bedroom (the other empty room we plan on keeping empty), I have no idea of how I want to decorate. That in itself makes it hard to paint it.  I figure maybe by the time the hallway is done, I'll have some ideas on that last room.

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