Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bead board is Delightful!

I have a new, favorite product.  It is bead board wallpaper.  The wallpaper is thick and foam like, but when hung, looks JUST like real, wood bead board.

Over the weekend, I snagged a roll of this stuff while Scott and I were at Lowes getting the things we needed for our 1/2 bath remodel.  For only $20, we figured it wouldn't hurt to at least try and see how it looked.

I have done most of the kitchen and so far, we LOVE it. 



I forgot to take a picture after I finished more of the peninsula and trimmed it.  It looks even better trimmed, but this gives you a good idea.  Once we get it all hung (we have 3 more strips to hang and trim), we are going to work on repainting the cabinets after our horrific fiasco with our first round of paint.  FAILURE.  NEVER buy Valspar.  Never.  Not even their top of the line "special" paint...No matter what anyone tells you. <rant over>

We also bought the pieces to our 1/2 bath remodel, only to realize that we had to return our sink.  I had my heart SET on a pedestal sink set up in our downstairs 1/2 bath.  It would make the room feel larger and really elegant (or so I thought).  After my delightfully brainiac husband looked under our current sink to see how hard the plumbing would be, he realized the pipes for the water were offset over a foot from the drain.  The choices were to re-plumb the pipes (EEK!), have exposed pipes, or buy a different vanity.  I let him vote for this one as the work would all be on his shoulders.  He told me to pick a new vanity.  Sigh. Back to Lowes we go.  I swear, we live in the hardware stores around here. 

On a more positive note, Scott and I are off to pick up another of my Craigslist finds tonight.

This lady has had this piece listed for quite awhile (I keep seeing it) but it's missing a door knob on the left door.  For the original price she wanted, I just didn't think it was worth it.  The piece also needs to be scraped and re-painted, though you can't tell that from the picture.  Luckily, I decided to email her on it yesterday and she was willing to cut the price in half.  And now that Scott has his sexy new truck (he has named her Goldie Hawn) we have a vehicle to pick it up in.  I think it will look absolutely lovely in our formal living room with our wing back chairs. 

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