Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring with the Wilcox's

Spring in Colorado always means it's time to get back outside.  And boy have we ever! It's so nice being able to sit outside, eat outside, lounge with the dogs outside, etc. 

And the boys have been taking advantage of the warmer weather as well!

I think we are "that family" on the block.  You know, the one where everyone talks about behind their hands?  Yep.  It's GOT to be us because the boys have taken up to fishing...on the golf course...with the golfers. 

They hike themselves out there, get in to the water in their chest wadders, and proceed to catch and release fish almost every night. They're silly!  I'm just waiting for the day when I get some sort of complaint! 

On other news, I threw a bridal shower with the other bridesmaid for my friend that is getting married in Seattle this summer.  It was a blast! I flew in for the weekend and we frantically got everyhting ready.  The party came out absolutely wonderfully thanks to the help of all the girls and the brides mom! 

The party was shoe themed due to the brides love of shoes!  Here are a few pictures!

Shoe topped cupcakes.  Pink champagne and vanilla/chocolate flavors!

The other bridesmaids (minus me!) I was lucky enough to be camera girl!

The gift from the bridesmaid group :-)
Now that it's spring, it's probably time to start remodeling the house again!