Thursday, August 1, 2013

Big Changes!

So much has happened that I don't even know where to start!

The first big news that Scott and I have is that we are MOVING!  Yes, that is right!  I quit my job and we are taking an adventure to Idaho!  We are so excited and couldn't be more happy with our decision.

New home :-)
Since we are moving, that means we are selling our house.  Man oh man have we been able to accomplish so many things now that I'm not working.  Scott's dad also came down to help us prep the house as well.  Our goal is to have it on the market on August 8th so we can start our next adventure.

The biggest change we made so far is to install granite into the kitchen.  It was the one project our realtor said we had to do (because of the neighborhood we live in) so we ordered some!

Counters before

Counters after
We also did all sorts of little projects including refresh painting doors, hinges, and our vanity.  We also installed 2 new light fixtures and 2 fans to replace our brass fixtures.

One of my favorite easy projects was painting our door.  We had a dark purple door and with the ORB hardware, it just didn't look good.  So we painted it red!  It is so cheery and fun and I think will be a great welcome to any potential buyers.

We are on our last big project to make our 8/8 listing date deadline.  Scott and his dad are working on tiling our kitchen.  We replaced all the floors on the main level with new wood floors, but had held off on this room so we could pick between tile or slate.  Well, since we are moving, we are going with generic and buyer friendly, so we picked tile.

Floors before

What the tile will hypothetically look like...

Hopefully the house sells after 1 day on the market!

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