Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inspection Day

Today we had our inspection.  Overall, the inspection went well and didn’t have too many surprises.
  • Roof needs replacing ASAP (we knew this — old cedar shake roof)
  • Gutters need replacing (not too bad…we can do this with the roof)
  • Window outside trim needs replacing on quite a few windows due to rotting
  • Inside tracks need replacing on windows (due to humidity in house)
The STUPID previous owners had their humidifier on WAY too high.  The insides of some many of the windows were sweating which ruined their casing.  Other then those minor things, the house was in great shape (just really dirty and really outdated).

My honey-do list is growing by the minute! Pinterest really isn’t helping with making this remodel reasonable either.

Luckily, our real estate agent is going to try to get some concessions with the roof/gutters/trim.  Since it’s a short sale, we can’t be too hopeful, but it can’t hurt to ask for some money off or credits at closing.

Oh the changes we will be making!  One major change is that we need some new appliances! JEESH! I don’t even think we’ll be able to put food in the fridge or dishes in the dishwasher — they are THAT bad.
Here’s to keeping our fingers crossed that this keeps working out!

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