Monday, November 19, 2012

My Weekend in Pictures

We actually accomplished quite a bit this weekend on the house.  So instead of showing pictures of that, I will show pictures of everything BUT the house.  I'm just that way sometimes.

Friday, I stayed home sick.  I must have ate something bad because there was no way I was making it too far from my house (or a bathroom!).  TMI? 

By Saturday afternoon, I felt IMMENSELY better.  We had plans with our friends to celebrate my birthday and another friend of ours that is on the same day, so we ventured out for that.  My stomach issues earned me the title of DD for the night.  There are worse things in life.  The bar we went to had GIANT JENGA made out of 2x4's.  Scott officially decided he is making a set for our backyard. 

Mom - you can "meet" my friends.  I labeled all their names in the 2nd picture for you :-)

Yes, I am washing my hands in that picture.  Bree came in and decided she wanted a picture in Kaela's bathroom RIGHT THEN!

From left to right: Bree, Dexter, (me), Krysten, Kaela

On Sunday, I went shopping with Kaela.  While we were at Target, we found the most FANTASTIC sweaters.  Dog sweaters, that is.  We both purchased one for 2 of our pooches.  Doesn't Baker just look SO handsome?

Baker was in an exceptionally photogenic mood last night.  I think it was the sweater.  While I was doing my homework on the floor next to the bed (that's where my bright lamp is) Chewy and him decided they wanted many pictures taken of them.

First they were sleeping.

Then they were wrestling.

Then I told them to look cute.  So Chewy yawned at me and Baker tried to eat his face. 

After I told them to look CUTER - I got this gem.

Don't be fooled by those cute, innocent faces.  Those 2 are double trouble.  You can't see in the picture, but Kaya is under the covers behind Baker.  She wants no part in the wrestling and would much rather be under blankets sleeping. 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Opening Day

Keystone opened up on Friday, November 2nd.  I took a rarely used personal day and joined Scott and two of our other friends up there for some snowboarding.  It was a blast.  The mountain was open from top to bottom, but only 1 run.  We did the run over and over and over again. 

Vail Resorts has a really neat program called Epic Mix.  The program essentially turns your season pass into a loyalty card (like a grocery store) and "tracks" what you do.  You can see how many vertical feet you traveled in a day, how many lifts and which runs you rode on.  There are also photographers stationed all over the mountain that take pictures of you and your group that link back to your pass.  Last year, each picture was $19.95 to purchase (ouch!)  This year, they have a new package that for $30, you get the digital file of unlimited pictures for the season! Needless to say, I thought that $30 was well worth it! 

This past weekend, we went up to Keystone again.  This time, we stayed overnight on Friday night in River Run Village so we were first on the mountain.  We ended up only riding for a few runs because it was SO packed.  No fun at all! After I got pushed over by a nasty skier and had the wind knocked out of me, we realized it was time to drink wine and sit in the hot tub instead :-) Scott was talking to ski patrol and was told that the resort expected over 6,000 people to be on the mountain riding the one run.  Eek! We are taking a snowboarding break until Keystone opens another lift. 

I spent Sunday working on the upstairs guest bathroom.  I will hopefully have some reveal pictures very soon! It looks like a completely different space already.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Living Room Progress!

I'm SO excited for the progress in the living room.   I will let the pictures tell the story.


I am still deciding if that rug is the "right" one, but we already had it so it's certainly good for right now.  We keep changing around the pillow combinations, too.  The end tables that are black will be painted the creamy white color that the dining room table is (probably).  The mirror that is set up behind one of the wing back chairs will be hung horizontally on that wall over the chairs. 

We are making progress!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Being as this was Scott and my first year in our new house, we had no idea what Halloween would be like as far as trick or treaters.  When I was at the grocery store one day, I grabbed a bag of Tootsie Pops to have on hand "just in case" some showed up.  The night before Halloween, Scott decided that was unacceptable.  "No kids like Tootsie Pops."  So back the store we went where he picked out 5 bags of other candy.  His assumption was that he would get it all when we nobody came to our house.

Holy. Hell. 

Scott called me frantically at 5:45 when I was on my way home from work because of the sheer number of kids wandering around our neighborhood.  He witnessed a giant SUV come and unload almost 10 kids and a van do the same right behind him.  It wasn't even dark yet!

Our candy lasted until 7.  In less than 1 hour, we went through 6 bags.  For fear of our house being egged, we turned out all the lights and went and met some friends for dinner and drinks.  Let's just say I'll be buying multiple bags from Costco next year!

Every year we dress the puppies up.  Scott refused to let me buy a costume for Baker, so he went au naturale.  When we were taking puppy pictures, I think he started to regret his choice.  Maybe he learned his lesson so I can get Baker a costume next year.

On a very sad note about my pictures, I took some AWESOME shots of the dogs.  They were so cute.  Then when I went to put my SD card into my computer, the card slot was empty.  My damn camera never once mentioned this to me during the 25+ shots I took.  Canon FAIL! So we had to snap some temporary pictures on our iPhones, so excuse the quality.

Aren't they just the cutest??? :-)