Monday, May 14, 2012


On Friday evening, Scott had LASIK surgery to correct his horrible vision.  He was blind as a bat! At his 1 day checkup, his eyesight was already 20/20! He is THRILLED!  The doctor told him to take it easy for a few days so over the weekend we did some window shopping and browsing.

We stopped by some of our favorite shops like Brass Armadillo (antiques), the Re-Store (recycled home remodel items) and the fish shop.  Scott is an avid fish guy.  He used to have tanks and tanks of exotic and usually illegal fish.  At one point, he had 4 piranhas and a snake head.  Oh and an alligator.  Have I ever mentioned that I hate fish?

Unfortunately (for me), at the Re-Store he found a great deal on a 55 gallon hexagon shaped aquarium.  The base is rough, unfinished wood and the top is in great shape.  We checked it to see if it leaked and it passed all his tests.  The Re-Store had it listed for $99 (new this tank would be well over $300), and they were having a 25% off furniture sale.  When he was asking the lady questions about it, she said it had been sitting awhile so she marked it down to $50.  So with our 25% discount, it ended up coming home with us for around $40.  It's a great deal, but I still hate fish.

The above picture is pretty representative of what it looks like, but the base of ours is unfinished.  The tank is going to turn into a full blown reef salt water aquarium.  I'm not all too excited about it, but reef tanks are very pretty at least.  Me evil husband has decided that the tank will go in the dining room (I guess location of tanks is important in regards to windows and foot traffic) so he is going to stain it and finish it to match the dining room table.  At least the furniture will match...

Scott and I have also slowly been browsing for a new bed.  We've had the same Ikea bed for nearly 6 years, and while it has served it's purpose, we never liked it.  At the time it was cheap and got the job done.  When we were on our window shopping journey, we found the bed we had been eyeballing (but couldn't afford) at an outlet shop! We were able to get our dream bed at a fraction of the cost that the large chain was selling the bed for.  It's brand new and in gorgeous condition, even though it was from the outlet.

The only downside is we have to find a box spring now.  We've always had our Tempurpedic mattress sitting on a platform bed so we've never had to worry about it.  This giant bed is forcing us to join the real bed world.  Tragic.  The poor dogs aren't going to know how to get up there!

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