Friday, June 8, 2012

I'm a horrible blogger...

I can't decide if my life is so boring that I have nothing to blog or if I just don't blog.  I am leaning towards the boring option ... but in my opinion, it's perfectly fine to have a boring life.

Scott's mom came out and visited and helped with my craft room.  It's not quite finished, but a definite improvement!  The picture is a little dark... The fabric draped on the table is a potential valence fabric.  I'm not sold on it, but I'm still deciding. I think my favorite part of the room is the rug (and the rug ornament). 

Scott and his mom were also able to (almost) finish the island!!

The red that you can see in the photo is the paint from the plywood.  He found some trim and painted it glossy black.  They haven't been attached yet, but the end is near! By the time it's DONE DONE, it will be time to install the slab over it.  Sucks to be him! He should just be a faster finisher...

Looking at this picture really makes me look forward to finishing the floors (slate in the kitchen) and our new fridge!  It is our last kitchen appliance left!  We have our eyes on a Kitchenaid french door model that matches our other appliances.  I think I also might need some knobs on my cabinets.  I must consult George!

Scott and I traveled over the weekend to my dad's 50th surprise birthday party in Seattle.  The first surprise was us.  The second surprise was the party.  It ended up being a huge success!!

While we were in Seattle, we also found ourselves attending a tattoo party.  Ok, not a party.  My husband wanted to start on his next piece and my best friend wanted to get her first tattoo.  We went to our favorite shop over in Bellevue called Easy Choppers and Tattoos.  Scott has known the owner, Keahi, forever.  He also did our first anniversary snowflake tattoos back in December. 

Sage worked on Megan.  She absolutely loves the result! Personally, I don't think I could get a tattoo in that location, let alone my first one.  More power to her!!  I think my brain would rattle around too much...

Keahi started the first part of Scott's arm piece. 

The compass has an outline of Washington State with a red trident pointing towards Seattle.  He really, really likes it.  Keahi designed the entire piece off of snippets of ideas from Scott.  I am extremely impressed in his creativity and Scott loves the tattoo.  The next part of the piece will be to add a background of trees or a mountain scene.  They are not sure yet and since we have no clue when we will be back in Seattle, they also have all sorts of time to plan.

I may have also had another snowflake put on my back.  Maybe.  It depends on who is asking.  If my mom is asking, I only maybe got another one.  And yes mom, I do know they will be on my body when I'm 80.  But on the plus side, they are on my back so unless I'm looking in a mirror from behind, I really won't see it.  And who EVER wants to look in a mirror from behind?!? 

I might put a picture up after's in it's healing stage right now so it's not the prettiest.  You either have to photograph them right after (when they are all pink like Scott's) or a few weeks after to make them look decent.  

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