Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, after waiting and waiting and waiting some more, we were almost ready to close this last Friday.  We have been through a whirlwind of back and forth, delays, and more delays with this loan.

Both our loan officer and real estate agent said they have never seen so many hurdles come up for such well qualified buyers.  I guess that’s life eh?

Cherry on top of the whole situation – the house will go to auction on Wednesday if we don’t close.  We are in a waiting game waiting for a condition to clear with the IRS.  Either we get the house VERY soon, or this whole process was waiting and fighting for nothing.  Hopefully Wednesday will be a GOOD news update! :-)

On a brighter note, Scott and I discovered the neatest store today! It’s called a Sears Outlet.  They essentially sell floor models and scratched and dented appliances.  We looked around today through there and realized we will be able to save a BOATLOAD if we are able to deal with a few cosmetic flaws.  To give you an idea, I fell in love with a $3,000 stove today.  It was KitchenAid, dual fuel, convection, and double oven.  There was a TINY dent on the bottom the second oven.  And I mean TINY.  It was most visible from the side view.  The sales person had to show it to me since I couldn’t find the blemish.  Price tag on this bad boy? $1,500.  Now, I don’t want to run out and spend $1,500 on a stove but there are some great deals to be found in there.  The same fridges we’ve been eyeballing for nearly $3,000 were $1,300 and came with all the bells and whistles.  We decided we could probably live with some minor flaws as long as our eyes weren’t drawn to them, they were coverable (aka fridge art) and they didn’t affect the performance of the machine.  What’s even better is they are still completely covered under normal manufacturer’s warranties and you can purchase an extended protection plan.  We were stoked to find such a place as we have 6 appliances to replace.  6!

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