Friday, January 20, 2012


As of 1/18/12, Scotty and I are official homeowners in Colorado! Now, I would have announced this sooner but we ran into a few hiccups with the previous owner.  We were sitting at closing just about done and it was time for him to sign the bill of sale.  The bill of sale mentioned all the included appliances.  Dude looked at us and said, “I got rid of all of those.  They weren’t in the contract.”  While Scotty and I mentally freaked out at each other, we decided to not react to that statement until our real estate agent was in the room.  Luckily, she happened to walk in about 30 seconds after he said this.  I quickly caught her up.  His real estate agent verified it was in the contract and the agents discussed.  We weren’t quite sure what was going to happen but decided to wait and see what the previous owner did.

Closing concluded after that.  The agents asked for the keys so we could take possession.  The seller said no.  He had for some reason decided not to vacate his property.  Uh… what?!  Can you do that?!  Turns out legally, no.  We talked to the agents and the police department.  We could not legally have him removed until 24 hours after closing.  So we waited.  Scott drove by multiple times during that 24 hour process (probably close to 10) to make sure that he appeared to be leaving.

4:30 PM on January 19th rolled around – and the house had a new door lock.  I love having a handy husband.  Last night we brought the dogs over.  They ran like crazy animals through the whole house up and down 2 flights of stairs and around and around.  They were super funny.  We also put up some paint swatches and started pulling down the kitchen desk.  Kitchen desks drive me NUTS.  Talk about dating a house.

We also unfortunately (at least unfortunate for our budget) decided we will have to rip the carpet out.  It really is just unsavable.  In a few months, my husband will hopefully be laying beautiful new hardwoods throughout the whole downstairs.  It will look so much better.  I’ve decided I can probably wait on a fridge to get those new and much more sanitary and clean floors.  Right now, we are starting our research on hardwoods versus bamboo.  I’m leaning towards bamboo even though supposedly all hardwood is produced in an eco-friendly way these days.  I just don’t believe it.  Especially since I’m a penny pincher and will be ordering from the cheapest wholesale place I can find.

We officially have a house!  As I told my husband, we now have a 3,618 square feet project!

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