Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bathroom Redo Ideas

My name is Lindsay.  And I'm a bathroom snob. 

No, really.  I am.  Don't let my current house's state deter you from believing this.

When Scott and I bought our house, we knew the bathrooms would need some severe updating.  Since that is such an easy fix, we were both OK with it (and still are).  We planned to wait a few years and start doing the overhall to the 2 upstairs, full bathrooms due to the cost that is usually associate with bathrooms.  Who knew such small rooms would cost so much to change?

We are having a big ol' group of guests (6 people so far!) coming at the end of December for 9 days.  My sister in law is bringing her husband and family and Scott's mom is coming as well.  We should have a packed house.  Thank god for all those empty bedrooms!

Due to the guests, I've been trying to think of ways to update the room without spending a ton as we will most likely replace most of the bathroom in a few years.  At least, that was the plan.

I just came across a product that I am dying to try in that seldom used bathroom.  It is a granite paint product by Giana.  From what I can tell, you prime your linoleum countertops with their paint and sponge on some other colors in a certain way until it looks like granite.  The results look awesome (and the product is only $59 on Amazon!)

Frugal Fine Living did a review of the process and the end results and they look AWESOME. 



Obviously she painted her cabinets and added some knobs, too.  But for that price (she found it for $39 somewhere) I think I'm going to give it a try.  The kitchen looks like a whole different place.  Maybe, if we are happy with the results, we will do our kitchen counters in the interim until we can get some granite slab. 

Scotty told me he'd lay some tile down in the bathroom nice and quick (we will find some in the discount area at Home Depot I'm sure since it's such a small room).  While he's doing tile, we will probably replace the toilet because it is a water guzzler, and the environment hates those toilets!

Then, all I will need is 2 new faucets.  At the rate I am discovering items, the faucets will be the most expensive part of the remodel.


I've been eyeballing this puppy from Home Depot because it has a high arc.  I REALLY hate when I'm washing my hands or face in a sink, and my hands touch the back.  Maybe I just have a weird phobia.  But at $89, I think it's a great deal.   After using our oil rubbed bronze spraypaint (best invention EVER) on the towel rack and toilet paper holder, I think we should be good to go! 

DANGIT! I lied.  I need new light fixtures and mirrors.

I just took a quick peak at the picture from when we were touring the house to see what else I'd need to do.  I forgot about the mirrors and lights.  I can't see the lights in the picture, but if I remember right they are brass 3 fixture lights.  I'll check tonight because Joss and Main is having a sale on a $200 3-light fixture for only $29.  Let's hope they don't sell out before I get home. 

I also have a hatred of full wall mirrors.  They drive me bonkers.  I'll find 2 mirrors at Home Goods or Hobby Lobby and hang those on the wall instead.  Which also means I need to paint.  Sigh.  My small project just got a little bigger. 

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