Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Camera?

Yes, I do mean a new one.  About a week ago Scott brought home a camera that a friend of his at work was upgrading from.  I loved it, but realized it wasn't the right camera for me.  It was about 6 years old and while it had everything I needed, it had been dropped and I worried about it's longevity.

Fast forward a few days, we discovered there is a camera store by our house going out of business.  We decided that if they had the camera I wanted, we'd buy it.  If not, we'd return the one I had been using and wait until another date to buy my "dream" camera.  I'm telling you, it had to be fate.  We walk into the store and they only have 1.  They had two cameras that were body only of the model I wanted, but I decided I liked the kit lens the bundle came with.

We didn't buy it right that moment because I wanted to actually think about the decision.  I didn't expect the camera to be there, so I was caught slightly off guard.  I also wanted to make sure their price was in fact fantastic.

Turns out, it was.  But even better, the prices dropped the next morning.  I went running up there on my lunch and purchased this bad boy.  I absolutely LOVE him.  Love, love, LOVE.  It is even BETTER than the XSI I was using.  And what's even better is we got a slamming deal on him!

Canon Rebel T3i

And just for some random fun, Baker has been home almost 2 weeks.  This is his new favorite hobby.

Cute, right?  Only not so much.  He drips ALL over the floor.

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