Tuesday, September 18, 2012


My apologies for my absence.  Luckily, you haven't missed anything too exciting in the Wilcox household.  We painted one of our extra spare bedrooms and picked up some Craigslist furniture.  I have 2 more bedrooms to paint (including the master) and then we are ready to start our 1/2 bath remodel.

We are working on stripping the buffet we purchased off Craigslist.  It's a hot mess right now.  The people who we purchased from did a horrible job painting it (lucky for us).  They did absolutely no prep work so the paint is peeling off.  We are attempting to see if we can get the paint off so we can stain it (ideal) rather than repaint it.  This lovely couple (they really were nice even if they were furniture refinishing challenged) also happened to have 2 dining room chairs that looked like ours.  They weren't for sale, but I think they got sick of me dropping the not so subtle hints that I wanted them, so they told me for $20, they were mine.  SOLD! They almost match the chairs we have, but are enough different that I think it's OK.  We needed 2 chairs for the ends of the table.  They need new seat covers and a good scrape and repaint, but I can deal with that.

I also picked out some accent chairs for the living room (attached to the dining room).  They're from Target and cheap as hell.  I'm sure they're not that comfy, but who REALLY sits in a front room other than Snuffers?  Speaking of Snuffers, check out this hilarious photo of her...

And yes mom, I know she's fat.  She also happens to be old, diabetic, a drunk and possibly a huffer.  I'm not sure what she was doing on the dining room table, but that's for another debate.

Back to the chairs.  So I found them at Target and with their current B1G1 1/2 off sale, they end up being less than $100 each.  The chairs I had snagged for free from a garage sale I believe had been peed on by an animal before coming to my house.  The new dog (read on for details on that!) has a weird thing about peeing on the legs of one.  Considering he is completely house broken and not done that ANYWHERE else, I'm blaming the chairs.  So the chairs now must go.  I am choosing between 2 chairs.

I like them both but lean towards the floral print.  The second chair is the exact same fabric as the chair covers, which may be too matchy matchy for my taste.

For slightly more exciting news, we got a puppy! And by puppy, I do not mean cute, little and cuddly.  I mean large, energetic and NUTS! But that's OK.  We already love him.

Meet Baker!

And all three of the puppies together (excuse the blur!):

They're such a handsome group!

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