Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Before and After

I don’t have many “afters” to post yet, but thought I’d include the only things we’ve actually sorta/mostly completed.

Now, forgive my images for their lack of attractiveness.  My lazy friend needs to beautify them but she’s far too busy running 2 businesses while working full-time to provide any assistance to my blog.  Ok, she may have created my header.  And she may be pretty much amazing. 

The fireplace mantle has been painted white from the original and hideous wood color.  Eventually, we are going to install some shelving into that large hole to the right of the fireplace.

I found a great deal on a light fixture at Home Depot and was also able to get that switched out.  Light fixtures weren’t on our hugely important to do list, but it is amazing how much one little change made.  And for $40 something, it was well worth it.  We have 2 more fixtures for the hall that are sitting on the counter waiting for my husband to get motivation to install.  He happens to hate electrical.

And I also had to include a picture of my stove in all it’s shining glory. 

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