Saturday, October 6, 2012

Art on the Walls

This afternoon, I dedicated a half hour to getting some art hung on the walls.   I started in the guest bedroom.  I found these great, vintage skiing posters on eBay and thought they'd be perfect in the room.

Each of the posters is a special place to Scott and I.  One is from Sun Valley, Idaho where we were married and the other is Stevens Pass, Washington where we did the majority of our riding and had our first date.  We are still looking for Mt. Baker, Washington where Scott grew up and Breckenridge or Keystone, Colorado, which are our new mountains.

I also did some art re-arranging.  I had this piece hanging in our family room, but really didn't love it there.  I moved it to the upstairs hallway and look it much more now that I don't have to look at it constantly. 
In it's place I hung 2 of the 4 animals canvases.  I still have to make 1 each for Chewy and Baker.  Once I do, I'll hang them above the 2 that are already there, making a square.

Maybe tomorrow I'll actually do some of the work I had intentions of doing today. :-)

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