Friday, October 5, 2012


We woke up this morning to our first snow of the season! It was just a dusting and nothing exciting at all.  I didn't take a picture at all, but here is one I found on the news website that looked like my back porch.

It looks like it is time to bring the patio furniture in!  Oh but wait. Maybe it's not!  It looks like we are back up to 70 on Monday.  Only in Denver will you see swings like that!

I've decided that this weekend is an all work, no fun weekend.  I've been slacking on finishing up some small projects.  The small (but seemingly huge) project that I keep avoiding MOST is finishing our banister.  The whole thing is primed and just needs it's paint and polyurethane to be completed.  After that (or while coats are drying) I'm going to finish painting the 3rd guest bedroom.  We are leaving that room blank minus some paint to use when we need the room for blow up beds.

Hopefully my camera and I will get some fun shots this weekend to share early next week.  Happy Friday!

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