Friday, October 26, 2012

I Just Found...

I think I may have found something that makes me more excited then I have been in a long time.

I need to back up a little bit.  Awhile back, I did a post about some granite transformation paint that I was going to try in the upstairs guest bathroom.  The bathroom is rarely used and I figured that it would be an inexpensive way to update the room.  I had plans to have Scotty lay some economical tile down there, change some fixtures, and call it good.  Unfortunately, Scotty has requested that I find some projects that don't require him to do everything.  So alas, I was on to finding an alternative for the bathroom floor.  I've been forbidden from using power tools.  It's a house rule.  And I haven't ever earned the ban.  But whatever.  So I was Googling the other day and heard about this vinyl wood flooring.  Now I LOVE wood floors.  I prefer them over any other types, especially dark and rustic ones (like we laid in our downstairs).  The big rule is to never put laminate in bathrooms so I never even thought of wood in there.  Some GENIUS out there created vinyl wood plank flooring.  It's a peel and stick tile that you lay right over your current floor.  I am seriously stopping at Home Depot on the way home to pick up a box of this stuff.
Would you even believe me that the picture above is vinyl and not actual wood?  How unbelievably cool.  I'm not too worried about longevity of the product, either, because truly, the bathroom only gets used when we have people in from out of town.  The reviews I'm reading do appear to say that the product holds up well, but that is just an added bonus if it does happen.

I found this great product at Home Depot that I can't wait to see in person.  And the grand total it will cost to do the floor? About $50.  Can't beat that!

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