Friday, April 20, 2012

Office Project Inspiration Board

A minute ago, I posted about the major project that we hope we are able to finish while my father in law is in town with us.  My other exciting project is one that I hope I can get an inspiration board going for, as my mother in law wants to help!  Jeanette (Scotty's wonderful mother) is coming at the end of May which is perfect timing to complete my office/craft room remodel!

I start school again May 7th.  Ugh.  More school.  I have the longest ever recorded bachelor's degree.  But that's OK.  Especially since I make more money than a lot of college grads.  Har har har! 

Anyways! Even though I am finishing online, I think I really want a space where I can close the door and ignore my husbands questions on what is for dinner.  That tends to happen a lot mid online test in our house.  We have the perfect office space right off the family room that has lovely glass doors.  Currently, the room consists of 2 dog crates, our vacuum and a bookshelf that I recently bought as I was sick of seeing my books in boxes. 

The dog crates will probably stay since the fire department says it is safest to have animals that are crated on the ground floor of the house.  We installed a special smoke detector that automatically calls the fire department, so what is the point of having that contraption if the people can't find my dogs? 

That leaves me a decent sized blank room.  I'd like to do a table type desk rather than a traditional desk with drawers and compartments as I use my laptop on my lap the majority of the time. 

The best part about office planning has been searching for a rug! I absolutely love rugs.   RugsUSA is having a 40% off sale right now which includes a rug I have been eyeballing for awhile.  I am the type of person that will design a room around one random object.  Who needs paint and furniture picked out when you can buy all that later and match it to your lovely rug?

It's a twist on the classic chevron in a charcoal and cream colored.  I LOVE it. 

RugsUSA also has a flokati rug that I think I'll purchase for the family room that is light gray.  The dogs hate hardwoods.  Poor things.  They're not even totally stoked on the black one that my mom brought us that is currently down to help disguise some of the disgusting carpet stains.  My dogs happen to be quite opinionated on their rug preference. We used to have a shaggy rug in our condo (before my lovely husband spilled a quart of dark purple paint when we were doing wedding projects on it) and the dogs have never loved a rug as much since, despite trying many options.  I've read a lot about the care and maintenance of flokati and I think I'm ready to take on the commitment. 

Back to the office!

I really like the idea of doing something slightly girly as the rest of our house will always stay pretty neutral and almost masculine.

I'm a horrible person and didn't write down any of the links where I got these.  So they have no sources.  Looking through those, I'm realizing I must be liking green right now!

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