Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scratch That!

Who would have ever thought that choosing your new floors would be so hard?  When we had our condo in Seattle, the major determining factor was the cost.  As a result, we ended up at Ikea buying laminate for $0.99/square foot.  The floor looked quite nice, but didn't have the standing power to live up to toys, puppy paws, and high heels.

Now that we have a bit more flexibility as far as the price, we have found we are overwhelmed with choices and materials.  Originally, we were going to match the current type of wood we have in our home (white oak) and stain and refinish all of it to match.  After realizing the whole refinishing process would be a pain (especially having to move 4 pets and us out of the house for an unknown amount of time) we decided against that option.

Since our original plan, we've gone back and forth between laminate, bamboo, and prefinished hardwoods.  Each store we went to, we'd pick a new favorite material.

And after all that, we have a product winner!

They are a highish end laminate floors.  They are called SwiftLock Plus and are supposed to be indestructible by dogs.  We will have to see on that.  My dogs are pretty talented! The color is called Chestnut Hickory and they are handscraped.  I couldn't be happier with how they will look!

These floors are going to cover approximately 1,000 square feet on the main living area including the living, dining, family, office and entry.  I want to do them in the kitchen, but after the disaster in the last house with any water that gets on them, we have decided slate may be a better option for us!

Scott's dad who does all of our electrical (since George isn't around to change our fixtures!) has changed all of our downstairs hall lights for us.  Well...3 of the 4.  I only bought 2 new fixtures, not realizing there were 4.  Then he replaced the 3rd and found a 4th.  Oh bother.

More of the oil rubbed bronze that is making itself well known throughout our house.  Another small (and cheap!), but impactful change.

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