Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Puppies, Puppies, Puppies!

We have had a bit of dog drama! About a week ago, Chewy ripped all the pads on his paws playing too hard on hot ground at the dog park.  He may have been the cutest, most pathetic thing I have ever seen.


He HATED his foot wraps.  But he couldn't really walk without them, so he was stuck in them for about 5 days.  We did a lot of wrapping...and rewrapping.  He had this funny tendancy to rip them off and put them in his food dish.

And I had to share some of these cute pictures of the pups in action over the past few weeks:

And my two little ying yang puppies:

Now mom, you may not want to read past his point...  Scott and I are thinking about getting a puppy!  We have really been wanting one for a long time.  Tonight, we have an appointment at a breeders to talk to them and see if this is the right place for us to work with.

A bernese mountain dog! We have both been huge fans of the breed for a long time.  Once I am out of school, we are also looking into volunteering for canine search and rescue and avalanche patrol.  These breeds are GREAT working dogs, great family dogs and love to please. They also love the snow and look like GIANT Chewy's! Oh, and they get close to 120 lbs!!  Don't worry mom, we don't expect to have one in the next 6 months so your next visits to my house are safe!

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